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Cryptocurrency banking is a new step towards the digital world

3,900 offices

HSBC has around 3,900 offices in 65 countries and around 38 million customers. As of 2014, it was the world's sixth-largest public company, according to a composite measure by Forbes magazine

HSBC Bank Bitcoin Farm

HSBC Bank has one of the largest bitcoin farms and anyone around the world can share in this farm with us

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Using digital technology, HSBC Bank has been able to make life better and easier for everyone around the world. Easily and without any responsibility, share with us in Bitcoin Farm and receive 2% of its profit automatically every 5 days.

Revenue digitally

The new world is digital, and for a better life you need to step up to technology. Digitize your income with HSBC Bank very simply

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Investment method

Investments and payments are made only through Bitcoin digital currency


All payments are automatically and directly to your Bitcoin address


Providing services in 99% countries around all the globe.